About Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1984 in a small room of old Municipality Commercial Building under entrepreneurship of businessmen from Bilecik. In these years, Turan Tan and Muzaffer Erdem served as the first Chairman of the Management Board, and first Chairman of the Council respectively.

The Chamber served approximately 100 people during the first years and moved to its current service building in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone in 1996. As per Article 4 of the Law No.5174, Bilecik Chamber of Industry and Commerce serves to meet the common requirements of its members, to ensure its members to develop in accordance with general interests of their occupation, to guard occupational discipline, ethics and solidarity in order to ensure honesty and trust among its members and between the members and the community, and also offers the services defined in the above-mentioned law. Bilecik Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which is an occupational organization serving approximately 1200 businessmen and tradesmen operating in Söğüt, Osmaneli, Pazaryeri, Gölpazarı, Yenipazar and İnhisar districts, has nine occupational committee.

The Chamber issues certificates of origin, which are required in commercial and industrial activities of its members; approves copies of invoices, market prices, and qualities of commercial and industrial good samples; prepares certificates of exclusive dealer (monopoly) and exclusive manufacturer, and expert reports; affixes endorsements and notes demonstrating chamber registration statuses of signatories having their signatures on letters of guarantee and letters of undertakings; approves commercial securities; issues documents and capacity reports having industrial and commercial natures, allocation and expenditure documents; certifies signatures of registered members; gives registration documents and ID cards to the members; issues domestic goods certificate; responds written or verbal questions about unclassified registration information pertaining to tradesmen and businessmen, without issuing certificate of commercial standing; issues construction equipment registration documents, ATA carnets and documents, and all other documents and information having commercial and industrial nature.

As per the provision of Article 24 pertaining to Turkish Commercial Code No.6102, which is “A Directorate of Trade Registry shall be established in locations where there is an active Chamber of Commerce and Industry or a Chamber of Commerce”, a Directorate of Trade Registry was founded under the Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and this Directorate registers newly established real and legal persons such as Private Companies, Incorporated Companies, Limited Companies, and Cooperatives. Furthermore, as per the Turkish Commercial Code and By-Law on Commercial Registry, the Directorate of Trade Registry also registers legal actions, general assembly meeting minutes, management board decisions, share transfers, capital increases, amendments on articles of association, and commercial enterprise pledges.

Besides issuing documents, expert and capacity reports and giving information upon request of its members, the organization also puts great effort to guard occupational ethics and solidarity, and to develop commerce and industry in line with the general interests, to determine good commercial practices in the region and to institutionalize the same. Due to its status, the organization plays an active role in social and cultural activities held in the city, and offers material and non-material contributions to such activities insofar as permitted by the Law No.5174.

Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was founded to ensure that the commercial and industrial structure in Bilecik and the region make greater contribution to Turkish economy, to make it possible for its members to conduct their commercial activities in favorable conditions, and to solve the problems faced by the members, is one of the most prominent occupational organizations in the region.